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Miriam Ehtesham-Cating is director of the Burlington School District English Language Learner Program. Across the district, there are more than 500 students who qualify for additional services. 

At the elementary level, the district offers the STEP program for the newest arrivals. This consists of two self-contained multilingual, multi-age classrooms with dedicated ELL teachers. In mainstream classes, ELL teachers work with students using a pull-out or push-in model.

Middle school students are offered sheltered classes in addition to being placed in the mainstream classrooms.

At the high school level, sheltered classes are offered in reading, math, science, social studies and English. 


ELL teachers

Burlington High School

Susan Blethen

Kevin Cross

Sara Crothers

Beth Evans

Zhihang Hao

Jill Jacobelli

Suzy King

Hunt Middle School

Ervina Kuckovic

Nancy Nadel

Edmunds Middle School

Amanda Gustafson

Mark Nigolian

Edmunds Elementary

Janelle Gendimenico


Meghan Warda

CP Smith

Amy Limoge

Linda Walsleben


Heidi Brown

Rebekah Thomas

Linda Walsleben


Kristen Bingel

Andrea Farley

Aranka Gyuk

Chaska Richardson

STEP program

Mary Neudecker

Lynda Siegel


Jen Lenihan

Mary Kay O'Brien

Chaska Richardson


Beth Evans

In order to facilitate home-school connections, Burlington School District also employs several multilingual liaisons.
Last Updated: 7/27/16